Supporting Music Educations Hubs and Services

Supporting Music Educations Hubs and Services

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BY: Annabel Thomas
01 December 2021

Since their inception, Trinity has been committed to supporting Music Education Hubs to deliver against their core aims, encouraging and inspiring young musicians across England to develop their musical practice. While discussions about the future for music education in England develops, with the early consultations on what the new National Plan for Music could be just starting, we wanted to take this opportunity to share the vast range of resources and support Trinity offers to Hubs and Services in all four nations of the United Kingdom.

Our new resource for Hubs and Services brings all of Trinity's opportunities together in one place. Linked to the Hub Core Roles, it demonstrates how Hubs can utilise Trinity's provision to add value to both their in-school work and any out of school provision. Our partnership work with Local Cultural Education Partnerships builds on this, providing a national opportunity for Hubs, Services and other key stakeholders to network and explore key themes and topics of importance to arts education.

Working with Trinity provides Music Education Hubs and Services with a true partner - a long-standing music awarding body with a proven track record of excellence, personalised support and proactive communication to ensure you are getting an excellent service to help your organisation to thrive.

Trinity is unique in its multi-arts function. We provide qualification and awards to creative learners across:

  • Music, including Classical, Jazz and Rock & Pop styles
  • Drama, including Musical Theatre, solo, pair, group and production assessments which may also include backstage or technical skills
  • and through our one of a kind Arts Award qualification, providing opportunities to recognise and celebrate Whole Class Instrumental Teaching (WCIT) work, and a personalised progression qualification for all young people through any and all art forms, including musical styles and genres that may not otherwise be covered by the graded system or curriculum assessments.

We are also experienced with providing CPD and ongoing training across the art forms, both online and in person. This includes our Certificate for Music Educators qualification, providing the opportunity for music professionals to develop their pedagogical knowledge and reflective practice skills whilst working towards a formally recognised qualification. For Music Hubs and Services, offering your teachers the opportunity to take the CME is not just an excellent way of upskilling your workforce, but can also provide a quality assurance benchmark for your services. The CME is run through validated course providers so there is the option, either to put teachers through one of our existing Public or Specialist centres, or to become a centre yourselves.

With subject experts and regional support across the UK, an expansive free support programme, and a commitment to excellent customer service, we are passionate about ensuring that all Music Hubs and Services can work in partnership with us to achieve your strategic core aims.

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