Top 5 posts on the Music and Drama blog 2023

Top 5 posts on the Music and Drama blog 2023

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20 December 2023

As we approach the end of another year, we have taken the opportunity to look back over the last 12 months to find out what the most popular posts were on the blog. Here’s a countdown of the top five posts in 2023...

5. The value of drama for students in Key Stage 3

In October we heard from drama expert Sue Clarke who outlined the tremendous value drama holds for students, especially those in Key Stage 3 (KS3), by playing a pivotal role in shaping young minds, building essential life skills and contributing to a holistic educational experience. A wonderful piece highlighting the value of drama both as a subject and its ability to develop crucial life skills such as confidence, problem-solving and leadership.

4. Introducing the 2023 singing syllabus 

In March Trinity introduced its new 2023 singing syllabus which offers extensive and varied repertoire. This included folk and classical songs to West and Broadway songs as well as increased diversification of composers from female composers to historically underrepresented composers. The new sight-reading test was also added to the release with a video showing the new test format.

3. Getting ready for your Trinity Music exam

In May Getting ready for your Trinity music exam gave a list of recommendations when getting ready for your Trinity exam. They included thinking about your backing tracks and need for a live accompanist to considering your page turns in your music and planning your journey to the venue when doing a face to face exam, to steadying your nerves before the exam. A great piece to read should you need a little guidance before you do a face to face exam.

2. Why choose Music Certificate exams? 

At the start of the year we looked at the Music Certificate exams that are available from Trinity at three levels - Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Foundation is equivalent in level to Grade 3, Intermediate - Grade 5, and Advanced - Grade 8. The focus on performance, before the release of the repertoire-only pathway, and the ability to take a group certificate shows a pathway for those wanting to evidence their musical progression outside of the traditional Initial to Grade 8 syllabuses.

1. Introducing Trinity's new Repertoire-only pathway for digital exams

In July Trinity released its Digital repertoire only pathway for Classical and Jazz candidates allowing candidates to perform 4 pieces, each worth 25 marks each (Grades 6-8 singers will be required to perform 5 songs, each with 20 marks each). This additional progression route option not only provides candidates and teachers with a fresh approach to achieving a fully accredited qualification but can also be combined with the range of other opportunities available with digital exams.

After a busy year of new releases and the UK Music and Drama team thank you for your readership this year, best wishes for the festive season and a happy and healthy new year!





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