Introducing the Trinity Music offer for schools online resource.

Introducing the Trinity Music offer for schools online resource.

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BY: Samantha Steele
14 February 2024

Trinity is delighted to introduce you to our new Trinity Music offer for schools online resource which outlines our offer as a unique multi-arts assessment and qualifications provider and continuous professional development partner. In this blog, we summarise what is contained within the Trinity Music offer for schools online resources…

The school music curriculum

This section focuses on the Trinity offer for schools and useful blog posts that outline Trinity’s offers around the Model Music Curriculum. In the blog joining the dots between classroom and instrumental/vocal teaching: how trinity’s Music exams and resources can be used to enhance delivery of the Model Music Curriculum you will find helpful resources and hints on how Trinity products can help you deliver your music curriculum. Another helpful blog that incorporates Arts Award and the Model Music Curriculum helps those using Arts Award as part of their school curriculum. At KS4 Linking graded music Exams to Progress 8 could be a useful tool for those encouraging their students to continue their graded exams at school.


Supporting the school workforce

Creating and delivering an engaging music curriculum can be a daunting task and Trinity can support this through our Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators (CME), Arts Award adviser training and Music INSET sessions. This online resource gives useful tips, courses for further study and blog posts related to our different offers. If you are considering completing a Level 4 qualification watch the Trinity Certificate for Music Education: an overview webinar recording which will give insight into the programme. If you wish to know more about CME you can check out Spotlight on:  the Certificate for Music Educators (CME) blog which summarises the qualification and Case Study: reflections from Certificate for the Music Educators (CME) learner, Zoe Challenor, on her personal learning journey which highlights the journey from the learners’ perspective.

Arts Award Adviser training is a great way to broaden the music offered in a school through the multi-levelled Arts Award from Discover through to Gold and once trained you will have access to online resources in the Arts Award resources library.

Our Music INSETs allow different types of school settings to find out more about Trinity products or book CPD which can be done here.


Music in primary schools

Trinity regularly supports primary schools through Arts Award as it allows exploration of the arts and can enhance whole class instrumental teaching (WCIT). The certification adds an element of progress and achievement for primary children and can foster further interest in different artforms. There are possibilities for primary schools to pursue recital-based exams such as the Music Certificates and Group Certificates which allow students to gain recognition through an exam as part of an ensemble or as a soloist. Our offers of Classical and Jazz graded exams and Rock & Pop exams are great ways to inspire progress in those who have tuition in a primary setting as well as our exams, which now include a exam.


Music in secondary schools

Offering various frameworks tailored to students' abilities, experiences, and musical preferences can be difficult at secondary level. Trinity’s graded music exams cover a wide range of instruments, styles, and techniques, as well as providing progress through the grades, with the flexibility of digital exams providing scheduling options. In our blog How music exams are making an Impact at St Mary’s College you can read about the positive impact Trinity can have in a school environment. The online resource goes onto talk about Musical Theatre grades for those with a performing arts curriculum who may assess both singing and dramatic skills, appealing to students with broader interests in performing arts. Outlining Trinity support through Arts Award, Theory of Music, Music certificates and Group Certificates as well as our Awards and Certificates in Musical Development there was a breadth of products available for the variety of students in secondary schools.


Supporting university applications

Did you know that Trinity’s higher-level qualification come with UCAS points which students can use towards their university applications? Music and Drama exams at Grade 6-8 level, Awards and Certificates in Musical Development Level 3 and Gold Arts Award all carry points so why not check out the online resources to find out more.


Music for children with SEND

In the context of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) find out about inclusive assessments through Awards and Certificates in Musical Development, developed in association with Sounds of Intent. Arts Award has specialised SEND adviser training and the online resource lists support through blogs spanning supporting young people with learning difficulties to using audio: delivering Arts Award for a young person who identifies as blind. Furthermore, you can find out about provisions for those wishing to take formal exams in need of adjustments on our music special needs online resource.


Music in alternative provision settings

Music might not be a requirement of the alternative provision curriculum, but music can play a valuable role in young people’s education and well-being, allowing them a space to express themselves. Through Awards and Certificates in Musical Development you might find alternative courses that engage students in an alternative provision.

To learn more about how Trinity can support you please do visit our Trinity music offer for schools online resources.



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