Enhance Your Music Curriculum with Trinity’s INSET and CPD Sessions

Enhance Your Music Curriculum with Trinity’s INSET and CPD Sessions

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BY: JJ Wheeler
04 March 2024

In the realm of education, especially in nurturing young minds through music, continuous professional development (CPD) plays a pivotal role. As music educators, your commitment to providing enriching experiences for your students goes hand in hand with your own growth and learning. At Trinity College London, we understand the importance of equipping educators with the latest tools and techniques to foster a dynamic and engaging music education environment. 

Our range of INSET and CPD sessions is designed to support schools, music services, and teachers in their mission to deliver high-quality music education. Whether you're looking to enhance your teaching skills, explore innovative pedagogical approaches, or stay updated with the latest developments in music education, our sessions cater to diverse needs and interests, with themes such as; 

Trinity Music Exams: Grades and Diplomas

   - Flexibility: Trinity's exams offer choice, allowing students to tailor their experience. 

   - Assessment: Clear marking criteria and support ensure a smooth exam process. 

   - Resources: Access publications and guidance for effective exam preparation. 

   - Entry: Learn how to navigate the entry process with ease. 


Rock & Pop Exams: Reals Songs, Real Skills, Real Progress

   - Format: Discover the structured format of Rock & Pop exams. 

   - Integration: Explore how Rock & Pop materials enrich classroom teaching. 

   - Repertoire: A diverse repertoire spans various genres and styles. 


Teaching and Assessment Insight: Trinity Music Exams in Focus

   - Marking Criteria: Gain insights into assessment standards and expectations. 

   - Interactive Learning: Engage with exam candidate videos for practical insights. 

   - Preparation: Learn effective strategies for exam preparation.


Syllabus-Specific Sessions: In-Depth Exploration

   - Repertoire: Explore syllabus repertoire and teaching strategies. 

   - Technical Work: Access exercises tailored to different levels. 

   - Resources: Discover relevant publications and support materials. 


Supporting Tests: Enhancing Performance

   - Overview: Understand the structure and purpose of supporting tests. 

   - Examples: Access examples and teaching types for each test type. 


Arts Award Accreditation: Vocational Qualifications for Music Education

   - Framework: Explore how Arts Award qualifications complement music education. 

   - Applications: Discover various scenarios for using Arts Award in education. 


Trinity also offers webinars focused on syllabus areas. Join us online for insights into Trinity’s latest Music syllabuses, including discussions of new features and top tips for teachers. Sessions are convenient and last no longer than one hour.


Trinity's exams and professional development opportunities empower teachers to inspire the next generation of musicians. For more information and bookings visit Trinity's website or contact us directly at ukandireland@trinitycollege.com

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