Together for Music’s Premiere Festival at Bristol Beacon, 2024

Together for Music’s Premiere Festival at Bristol Beacon, 2024

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BY: Toby Davies
28 March 2024

On 18th March we saw the UK's first inclusive music festival for young people, Together for Music, in partnership with Music for YouthTrinity College London and Bristol Beacon Music Service. The event marked a significant step forward in celebrating creativity and music-making of all abilities, bringing together young people from diverse backgrounds to share their talents and passion for music. 

The atmosphere at Bristol Beacon was electric, as young musicians, including those from D/deaf, neurodivergent, and disabled communities, took to the stage to showcase their talents. From captivating performances to interactive workshops and informative talks, the festival offered a diverse range of activities aimed at empowering and inspiring everyone involved. 

Trinity played a pivotal role in supporting the event through its Award and Certificates in Musical Development (ACMD) qualification, in association with the Sounds of Intent programme. Our involvement underscored their commitment to promoting inclusivity and providing opportunities for young musicians of all backgrounds to thrive. 

Reflecting on the event, a parent of one of the performers encapsulated the spirit of empowerment and inclusivity that permeated the festival. They shared,

‘This event raises awareness about equal opportunities for disabled children while also offering a platform for young musical talents like Chapman to showcase their music and uplift others. As Chapman often says: 'If I can do it, you can do it too.'’  

Chapman 2

Phil Castang, Chief Executive of Music for Youth, expressed his organisation's dedication to inclusion, stating, Inclusion is at the heart of our mission, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves and share their talents. This sentiment was echoed throughout the festival, reaffirming the vision of Music for Youth and Trinity to provide opportunities for every young person in the UK to achieve their full potential through music. 

As the curtains close on the Together for Music Festival, the memories created, and the connections forged will continue to resonate. This event serves as a testament to the transformative power of music in bringing people together and breaking down barriers.  

Moving forward, Bristol Beacon, Music for Youth, and Trinity remain committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity in the world of music, ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to pursue their passion and fulfil their potential. 

The Together for Music Festival was more than just a celebration of music; it was a celebration of unity, diversity, and inclusivity. As we reflect on the impact of this historic event, we are reminded of the profound influence that music has in bringing people together and inspiring positive change. Together, we will continue to champion inclusivity and empower the next generation of musicians to reach for the stars.  

If you want to know more about Trinity’s Awards and Certificates in Musical Development then check out our blog Trinity’s Awards and Certificates in Musical Development or take a look at our dedicated web page here.  

Images: Banner image Alfreton Park School Orchestra, second image Chapman Shum

Images courtesy of Aidan Sheridan for Trinity College London

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