This is Trinity - September's focus: Meeting strategic aims

This is Trinity - September's focus: Meeting strategic aims

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BY: John Molloy
14 September 2022

The start of a new academic year brings a renewed focus as an organisation or business on setting goals and developing strategies for success. For September, This is Trinity puts a focus on 'meeting strategic aims'.

As a commercial business and educational charity Trinity supports a variety of organisations in their journey from where they are to where they want to be – from state and independent schools, Music Hubs & Services to Local Cultural Education Partnerships.
We do this through a broad range of products and a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) offer that can support specific educational initiatives such as Progress 8, whole class ensemble teaching, the National Plan for Music Education and Artsmark.

Take a look at this month’s resources to see how we can help you to achieve your strategic aims through assessment, content and training which is innovative, personal and authentic.

Music Hubs & Services and Progress 8

We have a dedicated webpage for Music Hubs and Services that explores how our CPD and various products can aid in meeting their core and extended roles. There are also two new blogs that explore the respective National Plan for Music Education in England and Wales and how we can directly support their delivery.

Progress 8 is an accountability measure introduced to track how well schools are performing and relates to a students’ progress from their Year 6 predicted outcomes. Including music exam grades can support raising a pupil’s overall score – find out more about how Trinity’s graded music exams can support schools in increasing Progress 8 scores.

Arts Award and Artsmark in schools and education settings

Arts Award provides measurable results for demonstrating the impact of arts education on organisations' goals & ambitions. Read our resource ‘How Arts Award supports the Artsmark journey' to find out ways in which Arts Award can contribute towards your school achieving Artsmark, along with our latest blog which focuses specifically on how Gold Arts Award can support settings that are striving towards the Platinum level of Artsmark.

The Local Cultural Education Partnership offer from Arts Award

Find out how we can support you to meet your CEP strategic aims, and be confident about advocating for the award throughout your partnership. You can also sign up to our forthcoming CEP online events as well as catch up on previous network events, available to watch on-demand.

Developing communication skills 

Good communication skills are invaluable in all areas of the student journey and beyond, and as such, can support your School Improvement Plan and Careers Strategy. We have developed our 'Communication skills for work and life success' web resource to provide tips and practical examples of how to build the communication skills that support students in their learning and ultimately in reaching their long-term goals.

Explore September's 'This is Trinity' resources


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