Three handy websites for ESOL teachers

Posted by Janet Golding on 05 June 2017

Topic: Teaching Tips, ESOL

The internet is a valuable resource for teachers. The free resources, ideas and advice can make your life so much easier. The downside? An overwhelming quantity of information that can take more time to read than just creating the resource for yourself.

When finding resources online, how do you gauge reliability or accuracy? When you're in a hurry, it's tempting to pick the first thing you find, but this can lead to problems if the resource is out of date or incorrect.

So how can you tap into the potential of the web without wasting your time? Here are three tried and tested places to start...

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1. NATECLA (National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults)

The ESOL teaching resources area on the NATECLA website is a list of recommended resources from teachers across the ESOL community. Browse resources for teaching Skills for Life, grammar and vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation.

You can also see a list of online tools that are useful for creating your own online activities for use in the classroom or for students to access from home.

2. Excellence Gateway ESOL exhibition site

Here you will find links to a wide range of effective resources for teachers, learners and managers of ESOL.

There are ESOL learner materials at five levels across a range of topics. These resources include audio files, student materials, teachers notes and 'rules and tools'. Everything is clearly organised and labelled, so you can see at-a-glance the topics, levels and skills that are covered.

The practitioners' section is full of materials that will help you to plan, deliver and assess ESOL. If you're a manager of ESOL, you'll find a wealth of resources to support professional development and teaching in your department.

3. British Council: Teaching English

TeachingEnglish is full of high-quality, reliable resources. You will find hundreds of materials aimed at primary, secondary and adult ESOL learners at all levels, all completely free of charge!

You can also access videos, articles and webinars to help you with CPD for you and your team.

LearnEnglish is designed for your students, promoting independent study skills. Students can work at their own pace, exploring videos, podcasts, games and more.

The video, audio and reading materials are all accompanied by practice activities and the 'quick grammar' section is a handy reference.

ESOL Nexus is yet another source of high-quality materials for teachers and learners of ESOL. You can search for resources by skill, level and keyword to find exactly what you need.

Your favourite ESOL websites

Which online resources do you use when teaching ESOL? If you've got a website you can't live without then please tell us about it in the comments below.

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